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Jarrod Irwins Portfolio


Over the last 6 1/2 years I have been involved in many different projects while being employed at .headfirst Limited, Dennis Publishing Limited, FACE Limited or as a freelancer.

Below is an example of just a handful of projects I worked on in my perfessional career.

Employment at Dennis Publishing Ltd

In my 2 years working at Dennis Publishing I was involved in numerous projects which covered a wide range of development technologies, including Drupal 6 & 7, legacy custom CMS framework (PHP) and ZEND framework.

This included the creation of a custom Drupal 7 distribution and new websites on this distro plus modifications and migration of existing legacy CMS, ZEND and Drupal 6 websites to the Drupal 7 framework.

Dennis Distribution


When I fist started at dennis they had just begun a new initive to create a custom Drupal 7 Distribution. With many different brand websites over a number of different technologies, the idea was to create a central distribution which would provide the ability to easily move all existing websites to the Drupal 7 framework. This also would provide an easy way to create new brand website and smaller micro sites.

Over my time at Dennis I aided in the construction of the Dennis Distribution as well as building numerous sites on it.



AutoExpress is one of the many brands at Dennis Publishing. It is one of the UK's biggest motoring sites, winning awards for the quality of its writing, presentation and video content.

This site used to be on an old custom CMS. I was a member of the development team involved in migrating this site from the old CMS to Dennis's custom Drupal 7 Distribution framework.

This involved data migration as well as a complete site workflow overhaul.



Carbuyer is another motoring brand at Dennis Publishing. It's primary function is to aid the buying of a new car by providing news, reviews and videos on the latest cars. It also provides helpful tips and tools for finding that dream car.

Carbuyer was originally built on the Drupal 6 framework. In my time at Dennis I was involved in adding extra functionality to the Drupal 6 version and also was part of the development team involved in migrating the site to Dennis's custom Drupal 7 framework.

The Drupal 7 site needed to look and feel exactly the same as the old Drupal 6 version and be able to be sent live at a flick of a button. Due to this the entire migration needed to be done in code.

IT Sites (Expert Reviews, IT PRO, PC PRO)


The IT brands at Dennis Publishing are responsible for no less then 3 million unique page views every month.

These sites are built with the legacy CMS as a backend and built on a ZEND frontend. They also incorporate a Smarty Templating layer.

While at Dennis I was responsible for doing numerous tweaks and bug fixes to these site as well as adding new integrations (usually ad/seo related).

Employment at FACE Ltd

While being employed at FACE Limited I was responsible for creating many of the sites and have added extra functionality or made alterations to almost all of them.

All of these sites were built over the FACE Limited custom CMS (Easymanage CMS) unless otherwise stated.

Speak Up Speak Out


Speak Up Speak Out was a site for informational purposes. Denise Gluyas approached face in aid of a site which will keep her clients and followers up to date.

User interaction was a big thing for Denise so I created a blog module for our custom CMS which allowed a page to be flagged as a blog page and allowed users to leave comments on those particular pages.

Denise was also linked into the social networking sites so I added the functionality whereby whenever a blog post was created it would tweet, post on facebook and post it on linkedin with a hyperlink to the post itself.

I also had to create a custom "events" module in our CMS which allowed Denise to enter details about an upcoming event including name, date, time, location etc which would be formatted and displayed under the events section on the website.

I was the sole developer for this website.

Urban Sanctuary


Urban Sanctuary wanted to move into selling their products and services online.

They currently had a static site that was created by FACE long ago so we decided to go with a CMS and shop. This gave them complete control over what they did and didn't want to sell and gave them the ability to update products at any time.

I worked with Paystation for the payments and implemented a 3-Party payment solution.

I was the sole developer for this website.



Smartfuel is a new loyalty scheme in New Zealand. It awards cents off fuel for shopping at certain retailers and filling up with petrol at participating service stations.

This was a huge project for FACE and every member of the staff has worked on it including design, website build, website admin, invoicing and integration with Paymark and eftpos machines around New Zealand.

I made alterations and added functionality to a lot of the website and website admin but was also the sole developer of the invoices and essentially running of the system.

There are 4 invoices that do things such as taking fees, taking discounts, refunding service stations and refunding businesses of partially used or expired discounts.

The most notable and important invoice is a monthly one that refunds partially used or expired discounts and deducts points from users cards. If this invoice fails or is incorrect, the entire system falls over.

I created the initial invoices as web scripts however once the system went into pilot it was apparent that they needed to be converted into shell scripts for increased performance on the more time critical scripts.

BRANZ Lintels and Beams Calculator


BRANZ is an independent and impartial research, testing, consulting and information company providing services and resources for the building industry

The BRANZ Lintels and Beams Calculator used to be a MS Excel spreadsheet system created by Roger Shelton. Calculations created by this system were used and sent off to the council for resource consent. BRANZ approached FACE and wanted to convert this spreadsheet system into a web based system on the BRANZ website.

I was responsible for reverse engineering this system and making a web version. This took a number of meetings with the client and Roger as well as a large testing cycle on each development phase.

The end product was a completely accurate web version of Rodgers system that was integrated into the BRANZ website and shop for purchasing of calculations.

I was the sole developer for this calculator.

Accuro Health Insurance


On the Accuro website, I was responsible for building the quote tool and making modifications to the application form.

The quote tools was a slight challenge as they didn't have any business rules around this and the original tool was build in .NET. I had to reverse engineer this tool and make it useable within our CMS. I built a custom module within CMS that allowed Accuro to change the rates and options whenever they wanted which was functionality currently unavailable in their old system.

I was the sole developer for the quote tool and made changes to a co workers existing code on the application form.

Viaduct - Mobile Eftpos


Mobile Eftpos is a sub site by Viaduct New Zealand.

The purpose of this site is to provide information on eftpos facilities that businesses could adopt and to give users a contact portal.

To create the catalogue that Mobile Eftpos needed, I found it suitable to use our CMS shop module without the checkout process. This gives Viaduct complete control over the products they offer on their website.

I was the sole developer for this website.

Career In Transit


Career In Transit is a system where by organisations join up with Acendz (the parent company) and are given access to a number of career based assessments which the off to their employees.

Each assessment produces a PDF report on completion that is designed to help facilitate employer-employee relations and help advance the employees in their current positions.

The assessments sit behind a login on the users dashboard and are only available to those who have been given access. The organisation can decide which assessments an individual may or may not have.

I was the sole developer for this system.

My Career Crossroads


My Career Crossroads is a second product for Acendz

This site still offers users the ability to sit assessments however this is more aimed at individuals rather then a corporate.

Acendz requirements for this site was to have a shop that sold each assessment and allowed users to purchase which ones they would like to do. The tricky requirement Acendz had here was that they wanted payment to be in NZD if purchaser was from New Zealand and USD if not. Due to this we had to set up a multi currency account with Paystation and also incorporate a tokenised form of payment.

Once a user has purchased the assessment, it is linked to their account and they may do it.

I was the sole developer for this system.



Paystation is a New Zealand online payment gateway.

Paystation wanted a new look and feel for there outdated website so came to us for that.

This was one of the more simple and straight forward websites I have done as its only purpose is to supply users with information and some api/information downloads.

A co member did the cut for this site and I built it over our CMS.

Other Projects

The following projects where undertaken outside of normal work hours as a freelance agent.

PWN PCS Limited


PWN PCS is a London, UK based company the builds and configures high end custom gaming laptops.

As PWN PCS is a digital company the website is the single most important aspect of the business. The site needed to have a simple yet attractive design and a workflow that allowed users to configure their own laptop by selecting exactly what components they wanted.

I was the sole developer on the website which I built on the Drupal 7 framework. It utilizes the Drupal 7 Ubercart 3 module for the shopping components. I looked into the Commerce module however with the user attributes selection component and the 100s of different combinations they could choose, Ubercart was a much better fit.

PestProof Fences Limited


PestProof Fences is a small informational website.

In this project I was responsible for taking the existing static HTML website and putting coding it over the WordPress CMS

Once completed, I also provided training to the user.

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